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Home Caught Technology and Engineering Committed to creating a healthier and safer learning and working environment for customers. We provide solutions and services in terms of healthy environment and safety for enterprises and schools. The main products and services are as follows:

Health and environment

Since 2012, domestic air pollution has become increasingly serious. How international schools provide children and students with a safer and cleaner air environment has become the focus of attention of schools and parents.

Taking reference of the successful experience of foreign countries and after a lot of research, we have successfully developed a HEPA filter made of melt blown material with high filtration efficiency and low air resistance. The product can be directly installed in existing air conditioning and fresh air systems to effectively filtrate the indoor air. After the installation at Nanjing International School, the air pollution in the school was greatly improved. The average indoor PM2.5 reading was lower than the 35 of good status set by the World Health Organization. After the school's introduction and external publicity, our solution was recognized and adopted by more schools and enterprises.

Products and services:

1. High-efficiency HEPA filters directly used for air-conditioning FCU

2. High efficiency HEPA filter for fresh air unit

3. Air purifier for indoor dealdehyde and VOC reduction

Cloud platform air monitoring system

By installing air quality monitoring sensors indoors or outdoors, the air quality parameters of the environment are sent to the AirPlus cloud management platform through BMS networking or 4G in real time, and then this part of the data is synchronized to the user's mobile device in real time, so that the customer can understand in time The air quality of the environment. According to the setting, the platform can send an alarm message for emergency treatment to the relevant department or the person in charge when the indoor reading exceeds the warning threshold.

Schools and enterprises served by the company

Production equipment and product testing


The company has developed an intelligent management platform for school bus safety based on the cloud server SaaS architecture: iBusChina. This is a school bus management system composed of school bus monitors, parents and cloud management platform. The service features include.

Efficient management, paperless

Real-time updates of the itinerary of students taking school bus

Real-time display of school bus location on the map

Emergency messages such as traffic jams and late arrivals are sent to parents instantly

Parents can apply for leave or line adjustment online

Digitalization of historical data such as school bus driving and student rides

In addition, our consistent technical support and services can reduce the cumbersome and trivial matters of school bus management for schools, and it is more conducive to focus on key works.

Our project schools are

Our Team

Our team consists various professional such as engineers who are specialized in AC system design and calculation, air filtration specialist who supervise the quality of our air filters production and sales representatives who have more than 5 years of service for international companies and schools.

Social Responsibility

As a member of the Jiangsu European Chamber of Commerce, we have been a partner and sponsor of Nanjing International Club and Pfang Charity Foundation for many years, and have continuously contributed to supporting children from poor families in northern Jiangsu province to complete their studies. In supporting the government's investment promotion, we provide home and commercial air purification solutions for foreign expert communities, helping many foreign families to improve their indoor air quality. We actively participate in the annual Green and Clean forum organized by EUCCC to publicize and pay attention to the hazards of PM2.5 to the society and provide solutions.

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